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This article is in reply to a question I have asked of me often - "Just how safe is Hawaii?" It's not that Hawaii has a bad reputation. Hawaii actually has earned a very good reputation for tourism safety. But given that Hawaii is an exotic place far away from the mainland US and other Asian origin point, it's natural that visitors will ask this question. Here's what I think (and base this on living in Hawaii for many years and doing lots of island hopping with my family –Hawaii is one of the safest places you can vacation. Now, like with anywhere, there are a few places I wouldn't go alone at night in Hawaii, very few actually. These would be parking lots that are not well-lit, beaches which usually have "Closed" signs at sunset or after 6 pm.  At night use common sense and avoid bars, lounges and discos that sound "rowdy." Go to discos at hotels like Ala Moana Hotel for example.  In Waikiki after the buses and trollies have stopped, do not walk around. Take a taxi  for the most safety and worry-free transportation to go back to your hotel. Here's the deal –Hawaii loves visitors. Tourism is the mainstay of the economy here. The state's crime rate isn't perfect, but it does a pretty good job of protecting its visitors.Honolulu, a city with a population of a little over a quarter million, has consistently ranked as one of and even the most safest city of its size in the United States. I'm not saying nothing bad has ever happened to anyone here,but from someone who lives here, again, I confidently maintain that Hawaii is as safe as it isbeautiful. Come and see for yourself.

この記事は、私がよく受ける質問にお答えするためのものです。その質問とは、「ハワイはどの程度安全なのですか?」というものです。ハワイの評判が悪い、ということではないのです。実際ハワイは安全に旅行できるというとても良い評判を得ています。しかしながらハワイはアジア諸国やアメリカ本土から遠く離れた外国あるいは外国も同然の地であることから、観光客としては自然とこのような質問を口にしてしまうのでしょう。 私の考えはこうです。(ハワイに数年間住み、夫や子供とあるいは子供だけを連れてワイキキや他のハワイ諸島に出掛けた経験に基づいています。)ーハワイは休暇を過ごすのにもっとも安全な場所の一つです。さて、どこでもそうだと思うのですが、ハワイでも私だったら夜一人では行かない場所は、実はわずかながらあります。薄暗い駐車場や、通常日没後または6時以降「終了」の表示のあるビーチです。夜間は常識に基づいて、バーやパブ、ディスコなどの「騒がしい」場所へ行くのは避けた方がいいでしょう。例えばディスコなら、アラモアナホテル等各ホテルのディスコに行くようにしましょう。ワイキキでは、バスやトロリーが運行を終了した後は、出歩かないようにして下さい。タクシーが一番安全で心配のいらない交通手段ですから、ホテルへはタクシーで帰りましょう。つまりこういうことです。ハワイとしては観光客は大歓迎なのです。観光はハワイにとって主要な収入源なのです。ハワイ州の犯罪発生率はゼロというわけではありませんが、州としては観光客をかなり保護しています。ホノルルは人口が25万人を少し上回る程度の都市ですが、その規模の割にはアメリカ国内で最も安全な都市であると常に格付けされています。ハワイで誰も何もひどい目に遭ったことがないと言っているのではありません。しかし、ここに住んでいる者として、ハワイは美しいだけではなく、また安全でもあるということを再び強調しておきたいと思います。どうぞご自身でハワイに来て、それを実感して下さい。

Within just a few hours' drive of each other, you can experience almost every variety of the world's scenic landscapes in just one destination - golden beaches, snow-capped alps, natural hot springs, cascading waterfalls, primeval forests, sun-bleached plains, ice-age glaciers, sea-sculpted coastlines, deep fiords, surging rivers, classical lakes, sunken volcanic harbours, idyllic inlets and bays, bush-clad islands, and undulating green hills. All this is complemented by exciting cities and bustling towns where New Zealanders take pride in providing the highest quality service and genuine hospitality.
Translation – Korean
불과 몇시간 차를 몰고 다른 목적지로 가는 사이에, 황금빛 해변, 눈덮인 산봉우리, 천연 온천, 계단 폭포, 원시림, 햇살 가득한 평원, 빙하, 아름답게 깍인 해안선, 깊게 파인 피오르드, 급류가 흐르는 강물, 낭만적인 호수, 가라앉은 화산 항구, 평화로운 분위기의 작은 해협, 관목이 우거진 섬, 구불구불한 푸른 언덕 등, 남섬 한곳에서 세계 여러곳에 가야만 볼 수 있을 다양한 경관들을 거의 모두 다 보실 수 있습니다. 이밖에도, 친절하기로 유명한 뉴질랜드의 도시들에서 여러가지 신나는 활동들을 즐기실 수 있습니다.


I remember reading once that some fellows use language to conceal thought, but it's been my experience that a good many more use it instead of thought. A businessman's conversation should be regulated by fewer and simpler rules than any other function of the human animal. They are:
Have something to say. Say it.  Stop talking.
Beginning before you know what you want to say and keeping on after you have said it lands a merchant in a lawsuit or the poorhouse, and the first is a short cut to the second. I maintain a legal department here, and it costs a lot of money, but it's to keep me from going to law.
It's all right when you are calling on a girl or talking with friends after dinner to run a conversation like a Sunday-school excursion, with stops to pick flowers; but in the office your sentences should be the shortest distance possible between periods. Cut out the introduction and the peroration, and stop before you get to secondly. You've got to preach short sermons to catch sinners; and deacons won't believe they need long ones themselves. Give fools the first and women the last word. The meat's always in the middle of the sandwich. Of course, a light butter on either side of it doesn't do any harm if it's intended for a man who likes butter.
Remember, too, that it's easier to look wise than to talk wisdom. Say less than the other fellow and listen more than you talk; for when a man's listening he isn't telling on himself and he's flattering the fellow who is. Give most men a good listener and most women enough note-paper and they'll tell all they know. Money talks -- but not unless its owner has a loose tongue, and then its remarks are always offensive. Poverty talks, too, but nobody wants to hear what it has to say.


爱神 性爱和毒品的共同之处在于,它们都让人欲罢不能。而我们自身存在着既纵容它,又能控制它的两种本能因素。因此,自从盘古开天地,人们就开始努力享受性爱带来的乐趣,而不被其毁灭。处理这个问题的不同方式,决定了各种社会形态或宗教形式。例如:多配偶制、压抑型一夫一妻制、情事型一夫一妻制、嫖娼型一夫一妻制、连续短暂型一夫一妻制。具体个人的例子,有维克多•雨果情急之下别出心裁的解决方式 -- 将办公室墙壁凿通,以方便每日午后少女的进入;另有能人奥登,能在每个城镇找到男妓;毕加索面对妻子和情人之间只能择一的情形,索性拒绝选择等等。当然也不乏苦行僧的例子。当你一觉醒来,发现生活充满新奇同时又那么错综复杂,可能会记起性爱不是为你发明的,也不仅仅为传宗接代,而是一种神圣的娱乐。没有什么比性爱给人们创造出更多的愉悦和幸灾乐祸的机会。这就是为什么有那么多故事都以写性爱为中心。想想看,那么多神聚集在天堂的阳台上,看海伦因不忠而得到的报应!别忘了你的朋友也在看呢。其实你怪诞的举止已经多次为他人的夜话增添了色彩。

在那个似神话又似史实的故事中,老谋深算的幸存者奥德修斯第一个学会了蒙骗神灵的把戏。他最聪明的做法是在听到塞壬的迷惑歌声之前,就把自己绑在桅杆上。当然,总还是有些人喜欢站在护栏边,甚至扫视前方,寻找塞壬的踪影。但对你来说,还是选好自己的桅杆,找根合适的绳子吧 -- 体育运动、疯狂工作、或者抱着经书听钟声的独身生活等等。然而,最仁慈、也最严酷的“绳子”或许莫过于郊外一处半独立式房子里,有一群吵吵闹闹的孩子,和一个把屋子保持得一尘不染的女人。

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